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Today, many practitioners are faced with the situation of dilemma while treating a patient, which becomes a major hindrance in the decision-making process. This is predominantly because of the fact that the term healthcare is not just confined to clinical practice but also has philosophical aspects in terms of medical ethics to it. Providing healthcare is not only about curing the diseases but also about healing the patients while restoring their integrity during the treatment and thereafter, and this can only be achieved by cultivating a relationship of trust between the doctor and the patient. This brings forth the necessity of the philosophy of medical ethics and principles in practice that every doctor or healthcare professional should understand. The medical law and ethics online course for doctors and other healthcare professionals is developed to equip doctors with better decision-making skills that will help them to elevate their practice and observe fulfilling patient outcomes that also abide by the moral principles associated with the practice. It provides comprehensive reference material to doctors that they can use to gain a broader understanding of codes of conduct and the ethical practices that they should implement in their practicing career. Here are the major aspects covered in medical law and ethics online course – The Rights of Patients that Doctors Should Know – A lot of issues are faced by doctors when it comes to making a decision which is in inclination with the rights of patients that include consent and confidentiality. The medical law and ethics course puts a light on all the rights and the codes of conduct to be followed by doctors. Furthermore, it also emphasizes the aspects of competence, advance directives, and negligence that play a vital role in ethical practice in medicine. The Right Medical Practice for Doctors – Through the medical law and ethics distance learning course, doctors will gain in-depth knowledge about medical law, ethics, and the duties & responsibilities (compulsory & voluntary both) of a physician. Furthermore, there are insights on the maintenance of the medical records, display of registration numbers, and legal restrictions relevant in the practice. The learners will understand the repercussions of unethical acts and misconduct in the practice, which will enable them to implement better practices to treat patients, thereby staying absolved of legal issues. Additionally, medical law and ethics online course covers the metaethical and pedagogic issues relevant to medical practice. The Code of Conducts by Medical Organizations Relevant Today – This medical law and ethics distance learning course covers all the conventions and codes of conduct including Nuremberg code, declaration of Geneva, and the physician’s pledge by the World Medical Association (WMA), along with other international codes. This will provide a healthcare professional with a comprehensive overview of medical ethics. Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, the medical law and ethics course also covers a case-study that will provide an idea of the practical implementation of medical ethics in real-life scenarios. Furthermore, there is an expert talk on the principles of medical ethics that aims to provide valuable and experience-based insights on the implementation of ethics in medical practice. Overall, the medical law and ethics distance learning course helps doctors to develop skills and attitudes that can direct their conduct during their practicing career while also being sensitive towards the ethical issues that they may face on a day-to-day basis

Key concepts covered include:

An overview on

  • Medical Ethics And Bioethics
  • Evolution Of Medical Ethics
  • The Need For Medical Ethics
  • The Nuremberg Code Declaration Of Geneva
  • The Physician’s Pledge By WMA Contributions By The World Medical Association (WMA)
  • The International Code Of Medical Ethics By WMA
  • Principles Of Medical Ethics


Dr. Ayesha, MD

Consultant, Medical Affairs, Medvarsity


Dr. Ayesha is a Consultant of Medical Affairs at Medvarsity. Her research interest is in Infectious diseases. She has published many original peer-reviewed articles in major medical journals. These papers address important clinical questions related to the epidemiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, complications, outcomes, and cost associated with various infectious diseases.5th line is the diagnosis, management, complications, outcomes, and cost associated with various infectious diseases.

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