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COVID-19 has been a major threat to public health since its impetus. Its impact has been growing heavily, and the healthcare ecosystem is burdened by an enormous number of cases. With more than 7.2 million people suffering from the condition today, COVID-19 is now one of the most dreaded diseases across the globe. While the impact of the pandemic is accelerating, it has become imperative for doctors and other healthcare professionals to understand the details of COVID-19 along with advanced methods of prevention, control, and treatment strategies in order to contribute more to flattening the curve.
The COVID-19 online course for doctors is developed by Medvarsity Online Ltd in order to put a light on various aspects of COVID-19 and enable doctors to prevent, manage, and treat COVID-19.
Here are some of the major facets of management covered in the coronavirus online course for doctors and other healthcare professionals –
COVID-19 Prevention and Control –
The most important mode of controlling the spread of COVID-19 is minimizing the infection. Right from the importance of social distancing to disinfecting the premise to intricacies of symptoms and diagnosis of the condition, the COVID-19 online course for doctors covers everything that needs to be implemented to reduce the risk of infection. The COVID-19 e-learning course also provides the guidelines for the healthcare professionals and other medical staff that are contributing to public health. Furthermore, content highlights the structure of coronavirus along with other insights that will help a doctor to understand the condition from a medical perspective.
Clinical Management of COVID-19 –
In the absence of a vaccine and registered drug, supportive therapy is the only way to COVID-19 management. As the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to that of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, the COVID-19 clinical management also provides detailed insights about the pharmacological treatment derived from the medical treatment of these conditions. It also covers the inflammatory pathway involved in COVID-19 along with necessary preventive actions required to avoid super-infections that can develop in the hospital environment. Furthermore, with no conclusive evidence for the use of steroids in the management of COVID-19, the course also covers the cautions about steroid-based therapy of COVID-19. The coronavirus learning course also covers the fundamentals of anticoagulation therapy, which is recommended for patients in the early stage of the infection.
Other Ways to Control COVID-19 –
With the hospitals over-burdened by the increasing number of patients suffering from COVID-19, it is necessary to consider other ways to reduce the spread of the infection. The coronavirus the clinical course COVID-19 for doctors also covers the aspects of case isolation, voluntary self-quarantine, and social distancing for populace around the world. This will help a healthcare professional take decisions about COVID-19 patient management based on the severity of the condition.
Apart from the aforementioned points, the COVID-19 clinical management course also covers the features like violence, humiliation, and stigma against HCW’s and how to overcome them in a time when their service to public health is of utmost importance.
At the end of this COVID-19 online training course, there will be a final assessment based on which the learner will earn the certificate by Medvarsity Online Limited and Dosily.

Key concepts covered include:

A complete information and evidence based content on

  • Introduction to Coronavirus
  • Structure of Coronavirus
  • Modes of Transmission
  • Clinical Presentation
  • Diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Preventive Measures of Coronavirus
  • Medical Management of COVID-19


Dr. Ayesha, MD

Consultant, Medical Affairs, Medvarsity


Dr. Ayesha is a Consultant of Medical Affairs at Medvarsity. Her research interest is in Infectious diseases. She has published many original peer-reviewed articles in major medical journals. These papers address important clinical questions related to the epidemiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, complications, outcomes, and cost associated with various infectious diseases.5th line is the diagnosis, management, complications, outcomes, and cost associated with various infectious diseases.

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