Introduction to Stem Cell Technology

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What you'll learn

Stem Cell Technology Online Course Overview – In recent years, stem cell technology has emerged as one of the most promising and advanced fields in medical science, and its implementation in the field of medicine is increasing at a fast rate. With the increasing development and treatment methods through stem cell therapy, the field has become a game-changer in medicine, and this stem cell therapy training for doctors or this stem cell course online consists of a comprehensive coverage of methodologies associated with this field of medicine. Even though there are some obstacles in the experiments that are carried out to understand the efficacy of stem cell therapy, their influence in regenerative medicine and transplantology is substantial. This online stem cell therapy training course provides an in-depth knowledge of the untreatable neurodegenerative diseases that have a possibility of treatment with stem cell therapy. Through the technique of induced pluripotency, it is possible to use a patient’s own cells for treatment. Furthermore, tissue banks which gather cells that are the source of regenerative medicine are becoming increasingly popular and are found to be useful in overcoming the struggle against present and future diseases. This online stem cell course enables thorough understanding of induced pluripotency. This stem cell training for physicians and doctors also covers the aspects of its regenerative benefits and how experts and researchers are better able to prolong human life than at any time in history. Apart from that, the stem cell training course also provides insights on the research about how an organism develops from a single cell that replaces damaged cells in adult organisms. While stem cell technology is considered as one of the most fascinating fields in biology, there are some scientific questions raised from the ongoing research. This stem cell therapy course addresses all the concerns in terms of the current research in the field stem cell technology. The introductory stem cell therapy training course provides guidance to medical undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to explore the future possibilities of a career in stem cell technology in various fields of medical science such as research and regenerative medicine. With stem cell technology heading towards a brighter future in the field of medicine and becoming the future of modern medicine, it is important for physicians to know the intricacies of this emerging discipline in medicine. This stem cell injection training course provides you with the best content developed by a prominent stem cell technology expert. At the completion of this course, you will gain a complete knowledge of the basics of stem cell technology and its increasing use in clinical research and regenerative medicine. Who should attend? General Practitioners, Physicians, Postgraduate Medical Students, Medical Students with an interest in stem cell technology. What you will learn! This stem cell and regenerative medicine course will help you acquire a complete overview on the basics of stem cells, their use in clinical practice and the future possibilities. This online course is equivalent to a comprehensive stem cell workshop that will help you understand the classification and regenerative potential of stem cells along with their application in various fields. In addition to that, you will gain knowledge of procurement of stem cells and their manipulation before using them in clinical research along with the contemporary research going on in stem cell therapy and what the future holds for practitioners. Furthermore, you will understand how stem cell biology enables regenerative medicine which is gaining prevalence these days.

Key concepts covered include:

You will acquire a complete overview on

  • Basics of stem cells, their use in clinical practice and future possibilities;
  • Understand the Classification and Regenerative potential of Stem cells,
  • application of stem cells in various fields,
  • Procurement of stem cells and their manipulation before using them in clinical research.
  • Current stem cell research and future prospects in stem cell technology.
  • Application of stem cell technology in regenerative medicine will be gained.


Prof. Peter Hollands

Consultant Clinical Scientist
Regenerative Medicine And Assisted Reproduction


He was a Scientific Director of two private cord blood banks and has expertise in Quality Management licensing in the fields of stem cell technology and assisted reproduction. Currently he is a visiting professor for Kolkata School Of Tropical Medicine – India, West Bengal University of Health Sciences. He is currently writing a book on stem cell technology for the general public called ‘The Regeneration Promise: The Truth Behind Stem Cell Technology’ which will be published in 2021. Key Skills : Stem cell biology (cord blood and adult) and clinical embryology, quality management, research.

For: beginners

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