Paediatric nutrition Part 1 – Nutritional Assessment and Requirements

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Appropriate nutrition is of the utmost importance during infancy and childhood as the early days of life can act as the foundation of health in life. It is important to note that half of all morbidities in children under the age of 5 are attributable to under-nutrition. Furthermore, under-nutrition at a very early age can increase the risk of dying from infections. It can also increase the severity of infections while delaying the recovery. Invariably, it is imperative that children, during their early years of life, get proper nutrition. During childhood, which is responsible for growth and development in life, the nutritional balance – the appropriate amount of substrate plays a major role in developing cognition and the immune response system, which in turn, instills long-term well-being. Additionally, these days, nutritional therapy is proved to play an important role in the treatment of children with many diseases including chronic illnesses, which require long-term nutrition support. Another important aspect covered in the online paediatric nutrition course is malnutrition and how it affects children faster than adults, and therefore, nutritional assessment should be an integral part of the care for every pediatric patient. The study material in the online paediatric nutrition course is equivalent to that of fellowship in paediatric nutrition and also puts light in the routine screening measures for abnormalities of growth that need to be performed on pediatric patients. This online child nutrition course will enable you to perform an assessment that includes the history of food and nutrition and execute anthropometric measurements, biological data, medical tests, and procedures. As one parameter cannot be an indicator of the nutritional status in a child, and therefore, nutritionally focused physical findings and the history of the patient needs to be incorporated while executing a cohesive assessment. This online paediatric nutrition course also provides you with insights on the use of age, gender, and disease-specific growth charts that are essential in assessing nutritional status and conduct nutritional interventional programs as required in the treatment of a child. Through this online child nutrition course, you will understand the measurements using appropriate equipment and the importance of trained personnel in pediatric nutrition. The online pediatric nutrition will improve your knowledge of malnutrition, enable you to execute nutrition assessment, and other important sub-topics, thereby helping you gain comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Who Should Attend? General practitioners, Primary care physicians, Undergraduate medical students (Interns), Postgraduate students in medicine, and other life science graduates. What you will learn? Gain a broader understanding of various tools for nutritional assessment Brief overview of Anthropometrics Growth Chart how to use it for the nutritional assessment Estimating requirements of nutrition in a child Diet history and how it plays a major role in identifying nutritional gaps Nutritional requirements for different age groups Overall assessment of nutrition in children Recommended dietary allowance

Key concepts covered include:

An overview on

  • Understanding Various tools for Nutritional Assessment
  • Brief overview of Anthropometrics
  • Growth Chart
  • Estimating Requirements
  • Diet History
  • Nutritional requirements for different age groups.
  • Overall assessment 8. Recommended Dietary Allowance


Pariksha Rao

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Pariksha Rao is working as an independent consultant on patient behavior, capacity building, patient segmentation, pathophysiology, risk assessment, digital wellness, soft skills for the healthcare industry, and the requirements for the development of health and wellness management software that can be easily accessible to patients. Her expertise includes diabetes, nutrition apps, nutrition data mining, data curation, cardiovascular disease, cancer and multiple sclerosis. Her significant contributions and achievements, She have successfully developed the soft skills of more than 100 business managers at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and trained over 2000 paramedics and tele-counsellors. Similarly, she have successfully associated with the CSR and marketing teams of giants such as IBM and GE to set up their capacity-building programs, intended for gaining the approval of funding organisations. Formerly associated programs –SPARSH, NPCDCS (National Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Stroke), CoED (Centre of Excellence in Diabetes), etc.

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