Treatment of Hypertension in Diabetes patients

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What you'll learn

Hypertension is one of the most common conditions in people suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, it is a comorbidity that substantially contributes to death and disability leading to complications such as macrovascular and microvascular. The treatment of hypertension should be a primary consideration while assessing the clinical priorities for patients with diabetes. Even though hypertension is found to be an occurrence in non-diabetic patients, the prevalence of the condition in diabetic patients is twice as much as that in the non-diabetic ones. Furthermore, the presence of hypertension increases the risk of diabetes, and on the other hand, diabetes promotes vulnerability of the patient towards hypertension, because of which it is important for doctors and physicians to understand the aspects of hypertension in diabetes patients that are covered in this one of the most comprehensive hypertension courses online.
The concomitant occurrence of both the condition can lead to major cardiovascular conditions, and therefore, it becomes imperative to use integrated pharmacological interventions in order to achieve the recommended therapeutic targets. This online hypertension training course provides insights on these pharmacological interventions required to manage hypertension in diabetes patients.
While there are benefits of lowering glucose levels through nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes, it is important that healthcare professionals understand the importance of blood pressure targets and the precision of measurement. This is particularly because diabetes and high blood pressure are considered as the comorbidities (diseases likely to be present in one patient).
This online course on diabetes and hypertension provides you with detailed insights on the basics of hypertension management along with an overview of the evidence-based therapeutic treatment of the patient.
As most of the healthcare professionals come across diabetic patients with comorbid conditions, this online management of hypertension in diabetes patients course is comprised of a complete coverage on the management of the condition, thereby enabling doctors and physicians to enhance their practice and experience better patient outcomes.

Who Should Attend?
General practitioners, Primary care physicians, Undergraduate medical students (Interns), Postgraduate students in medicine who treat Diabetics in their practice.

What will you learn?
A complete overview on what is hypertension and diabetes
Latest classification of hypertension
Emphasis on accuracy of BP measurements
Diagnosing HTN in diabetic patients
Lifestyle modifications required
Pharmacological interventions
Evidence-based risk management for hypertension in diabetes

Key concepts covered include:

Attendees will acquire a complete overview on

  • What is hypertension and diabetes.
  • Latest classification of hypertension
  • Emphasis on accuracy of BP measurements
  • Diagnosing HTN in diabetic patients, lifestyle modifications required,
  • Pharmacological interventions
  • Risk management all of which are completely evidence-based


Osman El Labban

Family Medicine Consultant
Head Of Family Medicine Department
Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai


He has graduated from the American University Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon in June 1985 and holder of Fellowship of Royal College of General Practitioners (FRCGP) in U.K. & Arab Board Certification in Family Medicine specialty. He is co-director, lecturer, clinical trainer, public speaker, medical conference chairman & organizer who believes in the great potentials of family physician role in community. His expertise ranges from clinical ,being clinician for more than 30 years, academic to managerial skills. His main contributions in his career include empowering of the family medicine residency program in Dubai, updating medical knowledge of family physicians through organizing medical conferences & workshops in addition to enhancing patient health education processes resulting in gaining a lots of colleagues’ & patients’ love & appreciation over years. His managerial skills extend for more than 30 years in different positions in his career journey as doctor in charge, member of executive committees and co-director of family medicine residency program In DHA which were augmented through obtaining Healthcare Leadership Certificate from Cornell University, USA. He developed his academic skills over the last 30 years through obtaining excellence in Family Practice teaching course & International Examiners Course from Royal College of General Practitioners, U.K and Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education, from Keele University, U.K. He has been chosen as among the top 25 family physicians in Dubai and he has achieved the first rank as the leader of the team of the year 2017 at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

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