Digital Pathology Summit 2021 – Dawn of digital era in pathology
February 5, 2021,07:30 PM IST
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About the Summit

In collaboration with Medvarsity Online Learning and Philips, Apollo Hospitals is organising a global conference on the ever-increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in pathology. There is no denying the increasing adaptation of AI and machine learning in our everyday lives, and more so in healthcare and medicine. Particularly, deep learning-based pattern recognition methods that incorporate big data show potential to advance the field of pathology to accurately diagnose diseases and predict patient prognosis.
This event will cover the overview of AI in pathology and then dive into the implementation, benefits, trends, challenges and barriers, and scalability. Join in to hear from world-renowned experts on digital pathology followed by a demonstration of practical applications of AI versus human resources.

Who can attend?
  • Medical Practitioners running their own clinical practice in Clinics/Hospitals
  • Clinic/Hospital owners/Hospital administrators
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